Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-in: Fruit Basket Turnover

This has a been a week of utter chaos.

Our homeschool year is complete, and Michael only has one more day of "post planning" before his summer break begins. What are we planning to do with our time off?

Completely rearrange  (That and teach English. Teachers don't really get the summer off, y'all. ;))

Phase one began over spring break when we repainted the master bedroom and moved one piece of furniture out to the living room. We also emptied a large entertainment center and a few bookshelves that we intend to sell. We don't watch tv and we own too many books for the amount of space we have. (Yes, you can own too many books. LOL) That furniture is way too big and has to go! However, our living room and dining room have served as storage areas for two months now. Ahhhh!

The boys spent Memorial Day cleaning and completely clearing out their bedroom while I cleaned out the classroom closet and Michael cleaned out the attic. Good times! I canNOT believe how much stuff I had crammed in that closet. It was like I pulled a School Box and a homeschool convention out of there.

Yesterday, I worked furiously while seated on my bed. The boys brought piles of stuff from various yard sale storage areas around the house and placed them all around me. I sorted through the mound, pricing and labeling, until I could see the bed again... at which time the boys brought another big stack of things... lather, rinse, repeat....

In the midst of it all, I managed to log into MFP every day! Woot! Drum roll, please....

I lost 1.2 pounds!
I have lost 14 pounds total!

This week you can pray for our big sale on Saturday. We plan to move the boys into their own bedrooms and need to get rid of a lot of stuff. That's why I had to clear out the classroom. Our academy no longer has a dedicated school space. :(  Our guys are too old to need a cutesy classroom anymore. A desk and bookshelf will do just fine. Pray that all this activity doesn't prompt a pain flare, too. I have been pacing myself and making modifications (like sorting from my bed) which usually helps.

Thanks for checking in!

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Kellie said...

Congratulations, again! 14 pounds is a big deal!

I'll be praying for your sale. I'm planning on having one sometime this summer but haven't set a date. I have so much stuff to dig through. I think today I'm going to tackle our school room too, because right now we can barely walk through it and also I'm participating in a curriculum sale in a couple of weeks.

Although it's hard work rearranging a house, it's so rewarding to have spaces that are organized and useful. I hope you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor soon!