Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-in: Sleeping Beauty

My husband's nickname for me is Aurora Carina. That's Spanish/Latin for my full given name (Pronounced "uh-roar-uh car-een-ya"; If you're really cool, you can trill those Rs. I can't.). I have always treasured that nickname because it reminds of me the Aurora Borealis and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. He is my Prince Charming, and that name encompasses a beauty which makes me feel like a princess. It is my handle over at My Fitness Pal, too, if you want to "friend me." (no caps: auroracarina).

However, this week that name has been more appropriate than ever (the sleeping part, not the beauty part ;)). Last week, I mentioned I felt really sick. Well, people with auto-immune diseases don't just snap back from a minor cold after a few days. Colds quickly develop into bronchitis or pneumonia (3 days this time for me; 3rd time this school year.).  Therefore, it takes us a couple weeks and lots of specialized treatment to get better. Therefore, my battle with fatigue raged twice as fierce this week. I lost. Soundly sleeping by 7 p.m. each night, I have managed merely to complete the absolute have-to's each day.

For that reason, I missed counting calories on MFP three days this week. I did work hard to keep a mental estimate of caloric intake and did not allow extra, unnecessary calories. Well, I did splurge a teeny bit and indulge by savoring a small slice of cheesecake on Monday.

(It was my 18th anniversary, y'all, and cheesecake is hub's and my tradition. shhh...)

 Despite my bout with narcolepsy and the indulgence, the scales were kind to me this morning.

I lost 2 pounds!
That brings my 2-week total to 12.8 pounds!

I was thrilled with that loss given the circumstances of the week and that I lost so much last week that I anticipated a small gain this week.

For those of you praying for me, remember my sleep cycle if you would, please. I finish my prescriptions for my "cold" tonight and am starting to feel well again. Thanks for your prayers. If there is anyway I can pray for you, please let me know in comments or by email.



Kellie said...

1) Happy Anniversary!!!!
2) (((Hugs))) I'm so sorry you're sick. For me, being sick anytime it's not winter just doesn't seem right, and I'm sure it's harder since you've been sick so much already.
3) Congratulations on the 2 lbs.!!! Today is the day I'm going to start tracking, but I haven't had a chance to set up a new account yet. I just have to go transfer some laundry first. . .

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Homeschool Dawn said...

Thank you, Kellie!