Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The L-O-N-G- Awaited Reveal

Last summer, Michael and I, with the help of the boys and my parents, remodeled the boys' bedrooms. Actually, because they were soon to be teenagers, we moved them into their own bedrooms for the 1st time in a long, long time. I got to play interior decorator and design two rooms to match two very distinct personalities. ;-)

By this time last year, we had finished the painting, bought the furniture, and gotten everyone moved into their new spaces. Soon afterward, I started chemo and switched from Martha Stewart-mode to survival mode. It took every ounce of energy Michael and I had to get "regular" life done, so the finishing touches on the room had to be postponed.

But, finally, here it is!

As promised many moons ago... Brian's finished room!!

Okay, if you think really hard, you might remember how the room looked after we painted last year.

I was a bit worried about painting the room bright yellow,
but you held my hand and told me it would be alright.

I'm so glad you did
because here is what the finished room looks like!
Never in a million years,
 would I have thought that
I would LOVE so much bright color,
but I DO!
Not only does he have a nifty art station under his loft
but he has a Hot Wheels track that runs from his bed
to the floor! How fun!!

Here is a close-up of the art station and his latest modeling project.
The art table is adjustable so it lies flat as pictured,
or it can tilt to various angles for sketching or painting.
We added the cups in the background to hold markers,
pens, crayons, glue and scissor.
The boxes on the shelf hold assorted art supplies.
IKEA should totally pay me for this ad post!

Which reminds me...
Disclaimer: This post is not an ad.
I just wanted to share my son's room with you
and am not being compensated for this post.
I attached a cool piece of fabric under the mattress so that
he would have something inspiring above him as he works.

The legs of the art table provide more storage space.
We are using as much wall space as possible
to display his artwork and other projects,
like his science fair board to the left.
Note: Post on science fair coming soon!

Above the loft, we displayed another piece of his artwork--
some kind of bird. Surprise, surprise.
On either side of the bird are the paintings
that his friends made at his 10th bday pARTy.


Now to the desk area.



Here is the completed school area!
As you can see, some of his art supplies spill over into
the school area. He came home with lots of
great art loot after his pARTy.
However, there are shelves and cubbies
for storing his school supplies, too.

Now, remember this corner?


Here it is with an IKEA cabinet.
We use it for toy storage/display
and as a place to display awards.
The karate belts on top will have a case
one day soon. ;-)
I would be a horrible daughter if I did not add this picture
which gives you a good view of the cute curtains
my mom made.
She also made the quilt on his bed.
Thanks, Nohnie!

 As I mentioned earlier, both boys moved into their own rooms. We completely revamped Ben's room, too; however, there are still finishing touches to be completed. Just to show you how different my guys are, I will give you a sneak peak of his room....

Can we say POLAR OPPOSITE of his brother?!

I love the color palette he chose: dolphin grey, blue, and black with just
a pop of red here and there.
I also LOVE his Dr. Who, Starry Night, TARDIS Exploding
(not sure what its actual name is) poster.
I'm not a fan of Dr. Who, like every teen I know.
However, van Gogh is my favorite artist.
One day soon, hopefully before Ben graduates high school (that's fewer than 3 years!!!!), I will have the curtains done and will post a tour of his room, too.
Until then....

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Kellie said...

It looks great!!! You put a lot of work into it!! I love that he has both a creative space and a study space right in the same room. If Grace had that setup she MIGHT have a cleaner desk. ;)

Love the hot wheels tracks!

Laughing about how different your boys' rooms are and your comment about getting Ben's room done before he graduates -- I have the same goal with our girls' room. : )