Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wilbur's 10th Birthday pARTy: The Activities

I set up three activity stations for the pARTy.

At the first station,
the kids "painted" a jello still life.
I found the instructions and printables
I printed a copy of an example still life
and wrote instructions for the activity below the picture.

On the table,
I placed the printouts, instructions, markers, 
bowls of glue with paintbrushes,
and bowls of jello powder in assorted flavors.
The kids colored the bowl section of the printout with the markers
then painted the glue onto each piece of fruit,
adding the jello powder like glitter.

At the second station, I placed
a printout of a Seurat piece along with
dot markers and newsprint
for making Pointillism pieces.

The kids were very creative
and used the points of color
to make boats, trees, animals,
and an assortment of other great work.


At the third station,
I set up Wilbur's new art easel...

which he had opened the night before...

along with two canvases and plenty of tempera paint.
Wilbur had painted the backgrounds,
a sky scene and an ocean scene,
the night before.
His friends added birds and fish,
giving him two priceless pieces of art!

Wilbur's friends gave their best effort...

and the results...

were stunning!

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Kellie said...

I love the idea about having his friends contribute to the picture for him to keep! I will have to copy that idea. : ) I used to be creative like that for birthday parties -- my favorite was a frog themed party I did for Ryne's 8th (?) birthday. Ironically, I seemed to have lost my birthday party creativity around the time we started homeschooling. Oh dear.