Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: Thank You

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Olive Plants has the best readers ever.

Thank you for all your kind emails and comments last week in response to the No-Good, Rotten Week.  When you feel like you're walking through a field of land mines, encouraging words help a lot.

Michael and I taught our last English classes this week.  I hope to write a post soon and share some details.  For now, I will just say that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.  The boys share my sentiments.  Even though they had to complete their school work while Michael and I taught, they made many friends.  They even got in a game of foosball or two or twelve when their work was complete.

This was another week of school being done at a rapid-fire pace, so fast I can't recall it all.  I do know that Orville read an edited version of Gilgamesh.  Michael did the editing.  There's a hysterical back story there that I will have to save for another day....

He also read Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis.  To my delight, Michael is handling the discussions and grading associated with the Omnibus studies.  I am blissfully ignorant! 

Wilbur has been acting so grown up, doing his work in a timely manner and without complaint.  I share that not to brag, but to praise the Lord!  Last year was the year of "I can't! It's too hard" and feet dragging.  His attitude toward his work was a constant focus of our prayer, and we are rejoicing in some changes the Lord is making in him. 

The one hands-on activity of the week completely flopped.  Wilbur bought a pottery wheel with some of his early birthday money.  As a history assignment, he and Orville were supposed to create a piece of art in the "style" of the ancients.  They both wanted to try out the pottery wheel and make a clay pot.

Pottery wheel is now a bad term in our home.

That's all I have to say about that.

I'm still loving Diana Waring's History though.  There have been some really good moments, even last week.  I feel a review coming on.  I'll wait until we have completed a few units though.

On the disaster front, Michael's car was fixed.  Two weeks earlier than anticipated.  And it was not too expensive.  Cheap enough that we felt it better to fix than take on a car payment.  The credit issues are almost resolved.  The charges were removed, but it turns out the purchases were made in New Zealand and our credit card company charged us a foreign currency exchange fee.  We had to contest that and are waiting for a "ruling".

The Emory docs said that my dad will be fine on meds and do not want him to undergo ablation.  Praise the Lord!  My mom's knee surgery is scheduled for Sept. 3.  Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you also for your particularly kind words about my sweet Orville and his act of maturity last week.  I feel that I must inform you that he is a sinner saved by grace and the sweetness that he displayed toward me last week was the sweetness of Christ.  Even though he is just a boy, he is being transformed by the Holy Spirit, and He deserves the praise above Orville, Michael, or me. 

I have one more big event, and then life should return to something sort of resembling normal.  I have worked like crazy all day today getting materials together for hsa member packets.  The kick-off meeting is Monday, and I almost have it all ready to go.  Pray also for a successful meeting and for God's blessing as I serve this great group of ladies this year.



Kellie said...

Oh, Dawn! I was on vacation for over a week and the one time I was able to spend some time on the internet I only saw your post on your school room. So here's a belated ((hug)) for your horrible week. I'm so glad things were better this week.

Laughing about the pottery wheel -- I can only imagine! I'm also encouraged by how your prayers have been answered concerning Wilbur's attitude. I have one who needs to grow in that area too. : )

Phyllis said...

I am glad you had a better week. I love your header photo.