Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: Phew!

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Eveyone join in with me...

Take a deep breath in...

Now exhale...


The month-long marathon is over.  Monday brought the end of the extra, extra busy season as I led the kick-off meeting for our local homeschool association.  I spent most of that day working on my notes and making sure all the member packets were in order.  The boys got to take the day off from school, except for Orville's Omnibus assignments.  He only gets out of those when he is really sick and shows exceeding kindness toward his mother.

On Tuesday, the boys spent the day with my mom.  They had stayed with her Monday evening so that Michael could join me and the homeschool group for dinner before the meeting.  She generously offered to keep them overnight and the next day so that I could take a day to decompress.

What did I do with that day?

I was up early.  I couldn't sleep.  I think my body was so used to the pace of the past month that I was struggling to unwind.  So, I went to the high school to have lunch with Michael and helped him hang maps and flags and charts.  His room is very festive now!  Ole!!

On Wednesday, the boys were back home, and we added two new subjects, Harmony Fine Arts and a literature study of The Chronicles of Narnia.  Very few things have captured my boys' attention as much as these two studies.

We completed week one of HFA grade 5 which focuses on the ancients.  The books and coloring assignments were enjoyed by all.  I would like to insert some pictures of their work here but don't have time to deal with the scanner.  I had to give my cupboards some attention today and that took up most of my free time.  I'll post some of their work after I get caught up on the home front.

In our Narnia studies, we switch turns reading.  This gives me a chance to assess the boys' reading fluency and to model good reading for them, along with all the other benefits of a read-aloud, without having to work in a specific title just for that purpose.  We have started with The Magician's Nephew and are reading chronologically, according to the Narnia timeline. Wow!  We are all captivated!  I have to admit I have never read this particular book. 

Shocking, I know.

I have to say, it may end up being my favorite of the series.  We'll see.  The important part is that the boys are LOVING it.  The comprehension guide from Veritas has made the discussion of each chapter (we only read one each day) really easy.  I also read the commentary in Omnibus I written by Douglas Wilson before we began our first reading.  It has served as an interpretetive guide of sorts and is helping me teach the relevant theology and worldview.

On Thursday, the boys began work on their final projects for the first unit of History Revealed.  Wilbur made a clay model of Noah, the altar, and some of the clean and unclean animals. He will give an oral report tonight for Michael and me.  Orville chose to compose a song about the days of creation.  It is actually his own composition and not a piggy-back song as I suggested.  I'm not sure how sound it is musically, but I'm thrilled he is willing to take on such a challenge.  He has been practicing all afternoon and is unhappy that he does not know how to transcribe his composition.  He is afraid he will forget it.  I guess I need to look into some music theory lessons for him....

Today, I worked one-on-one with Wilbur.  He is coming along well with math, reading, spelling, and writing.  Writing in particular was a problem area for him last year.  I have started him on IEW, taking very small steps.  When we began three weeks ago, we watched the part of the student videos where Mr. Pudewa teaches how to write a key word outline.  That is all I have focused on for three weeks.  Today, we watched how to restate each sentence and then write.  So far, so good.  My goal is to take baby steps and build confidence.

My dear Orville has spent most of the day catching up on his Omnibus work.  He conveniently forgot to take his book with him to my parents' house Monday evening.  Once home on Tuesday, he could not find Monday's assignment, completed before leaving for my parents' house, to give to his dad for grading and discussion.  So, Wed. through today have been catch-up days.  Sadly, he is going to have to do "Saturday school" tomorrow to competely finish.  I am praying he learns a good lesson about responsibility!  Like I said before, he is a sinner saved by grace, just like all of us who are in Christ.  Sometimes the fruit is lovely, and other times the lessons are hard. 

Next week we start Science.  I'm sure you can hear the squeals of joy wherever you are.  That would be Wilbur, not me. 


p.s.  I'm sorry for the pictureless posts lately.  My camera still hasn't dried out.  I have decided I need a new one and am holding out for a really good one.  I have started saving (hint, hint, wink, wink family members who are wondering what to get me for Christmas and would like to contribute).  LOL, aren't blogs great things?


Kellie said...

I had to laugh about your science comment at the end. I'm so with you on that one. : )

The Narnia study sounds wonderful. I finished reading the series with Ryne and Grace last December and I would love to study it in depth when they are older.

I hope your weekend is restful and you have a chance to recover from the busy month.

I am blessed! said...

Sounds like a productive week! I'm looking forward to starting in an official capacity Monday.


Nicole said...

Hi! Can you post a link to Veritas? I've heard about it a couple of times. Thanks!