Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wilbur's 10th Birthday pARTy: Invitations

Wilbur will turn ten in November, but it never works out for us to have a party that month.  The weather is too unpredictable to go outdoors, and we have no room in our house for a party.  We don't even have a good place for guests to park.

... unless they like to live on the wild side and park on a street where cars travel at 50 + miles per hour.  Nothing like a rousing game of Extreme Frogger to get a party started right.

Plus November is smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season and a variety of sports seasons.  Finding a Saturday that the majority of his friends could attend a party is nearly impossible.  We've tried having a weekday party, but then Michael has to take off from work, and because he teaches at the same school as Michael, my dad can't take the same day off to be there.  So we decided to forego decorum and hold the party three months early.

I think even Emily Post would agree it was a necessary move.

In July, Wilbur and I worked together to make these party invitations.

I cut the palette shape from white card stock.  I did not use a pattern but instead folded each sheet in half horizontally and cut so that the bottom half was rounded and the top had a dip in the center.  Then I folded the right 1/3 and cut a small semi-circle.  When the fold was opened, a complete, circular hole was in the "thumb spot".  This created two invitations in one cut.

We also cut ovals from card stock of varied colors and attached them to the palettes with rubber cement.  After writing "You're invited to a pARTy!" on the front center of each invitation, Wilbur attached a paper paint brush he had cut from construction paper.

I printed the party date, location, and other specifics on regular white copy paper, cut to fit, and attached one to the back of each invitation with rubber cement.  To make it a true "pARTy", I suggested that invitees brings art supplies as their gifts, stating also that any gift would be appreciated. 

The invitations had that not-quite-perfect, hand-made quality, but the response I received was all positive.  The moms thought they were darling (their words, not mine), and the kids were excited and anxious to find out what would happen at a pARTy!

Come back soon for more about Wilbur's pARTy!

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Kellie said...

They are darling and I love that he was so involved in the process!