Thursday, August 14, 2008

101 Project Ideas

Below is a list of 101 ideas for your family to use in planning for our local home school association's annual Spotlight Night. A few of the ideas involve the use of technology. If anyone plans to go this route, please let me know so that I can confirm we will have the needed equipment available.

I have grouped the ideas by subjects of study. The last grouping is "General." These projects could be used to report on a variety of topics and could fit almost every subject.

Feel free to use the ideas in your homeschooling, even if it is not for spotlight night or if you are not a part of our local association. Also, feel free to ask questions or contact me through the comment option that follows this post.

I hope to see many of you on April 17. I anticipate a great night, filled with fellowship and fun. May God bless you all this school year.

Language Arts:
1. Write a book report.
2. Complete an author study.
3. Write an original poem.
4. Write an alternate ending for your favorite story.
5. Write and illustrate your own short story.
6. Recite a famous poem.
7. Compare and contrast two stories.
8. Write a short play.
9. Write a letter of reference for a fictional character.
10. Retell a story in your own words.
11. Write a biography.
12. Create a comic book or cartoon strip.

Visual and Performing Arts
13. Adapt a short story in dramatic form.
14. Perform a reader’s theater.
15. Play a piece of music on the piano or other musical instrument.
16. Perform a dance.
17. Display a painting.
18. Create a “Peter and the Wolf”-type adaptation of a children’s story using rhythm instruments.
19. Sing your favorite song.
20. Compose an original song and perform it.
21. Create a quilt and display it.
22. Display an outfit you have sewn.
23. Display a handicraft you have made.
24. Write in calligraphy and display your piece.
25. Perform a puppet show.
26. Paint a mural on a large piece of cardboard and display it.
27. Create an origami piece.
28. Create a pottery piece for display.
29. Perform pantomime.

30. Give a demonstration of a scientific principle.
31. Draw a nature sketch for display.
32. Propose and describe an idea for an invention. Create a model if possible.
33. Create a nature box.
34. Photograph images of nature and create a journal.
35. Make a model of a molecule, cell, or DNA.
36. Perform a science fair experiment and create a display.
37. Recreate a famous experiment.
38. Demonstrate an optical illusion.
39. Create a model of a volcano or plate tectonics.
40. Explain how a telephone, computer, or other equipment works.

Social Studies
41. Adapt a historical event in dramatic form.
42. Create a timeline.
43. Recite a famous speech.
44. Write a letter to a famous person.
45. Write a letter to an elected official and share it with the group.
46. Create a family history scrapbook and display it.
47. Paint a family tree.
48. Create a travel brochure for a city, country, or region.
49. Imagine that you are a travel guide. Prepare a simulated tour of a destination.
50. Pick a current event and conduct an opinion poll. Chart your results and present them.
51. Create a display for a history fair.
52. Write an interview for a person of historical significance. Have a friend portrait this person as you conduct the interview.
53. Perform a mock trial.
54. Draw a map or create an atlas.
55. Create a time capsule for the year 2008. Share the items you place in the capsule.
56. Carve a 3-D topographical map.
57. Demonstrate a procedure widely used by a particular cultural group (present day or historically). The teens did a great job of this at last year’s international festival demonstrating the embalming methods of ancient Egypt.

58. Write an original word problem. Demonstrate two different solutions to it.
59. Teach a math concept.
60. Draw a floor plan.
61. Create a sculpture or model using only geometric solids.
62. Create a math project display board.
63. Make a model of an instrument used in mathematics or science, for example, a pantograph or a telescope.
64. Research and give a presentation on the stock market. Try investing and give an annual report.

Foreign Language
65. Write and perform a dialogue in a foreign language.
66. Sing a song in a foreign language.
67. Perform a song in sign language.

68. Give a report on a mission project in which you have participated
or give a report on missionaries you support.
69. Give a report on a famous pastor, theologian, or missionary.

Physical Education and Health
70. Create a personal fitness plan.
71. Demonstrate a first aid procedure.
72. Create a recipe and bring samples of your delicacy.
73. Give a presentation on your favorite sport.
74. Present a cheerleading or team dance routine. NOTE: uniforms must be modest and routines must be in good taste

75. Create a lapbook.
76. Give a report using Power Point.
77. Demonstrate a two-man or Lincoln-Douglas debate.
78. Create a Venn diagram.
79. Create a portfolio of your best school work.
80. Build a model.
81. Teach a lesson.
82. Present a show and tell.
83. Create a research project.
84. Create a puzzle.
85. Create a board game.
86. Write a newspaper article.
87. Create a short movie.
88. Create a video report.
89. Create a news report.
90. Create an interactive game that teaches new information to the group.
91. Identify a problem and suggest a solution.
92. Create a video advertisement.
93. Create a print advertisement.
94. Give a presentation on your favorite extra-curricular activity.
95. Research a profession of your choice. Interview someone in the career-field and create a presentation on your findings.
96. Report on volunteer work you have completed.
97. Show pictures of your most recent vacation and describe your experiences to the group.
98. Present your favorite collection. (stamps, shells, etc.)
99. Create a diorama.
100. Create a chalk drawing.
101. Create a collage.

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