Saturday, August 30, 2008

BT's Subway Story Contest Entry

Well, I wrote last week that, Lord willing, I would post the boys' entries for the Subway, Every Sandwich Has a Story Contest. They each had to choose one of five different writing prompts and create a 500-word or less story from it. BT chose "There was a loud knock at the door, but when Salami Sam opened it..."

there was Dennis Lettuce, bouncing up and down! “Ken Turkey moved!” he screamed. Salami asked, “Why did…?” Just then, Dennis slammed the door and bounced away.
Sam was bothered by Ken’s disappearance, so he went to his thinking spot. He could not think of a reason for Ken to move, so he decided to investigate.
He rode his bike to Ken’s house, and when he got there, a car was in the driveway. “Dennis must be mistaken. Why would Ken leave and not take his car?” Sam thought. He knocked on the door, and there was no answer, so he went inside. Everything was gone except for one picture frame. Sam decided to go talk to some friends and find out what they knew.
“Well,” said Tom Pickle, Ken’s best friend, “I don’t understand what happened. Ken got on his bike earlier today and took off. He went toward Potato-town. Maybe you could go there and talk to a friend of ours named Jacques Fishstow.”
In Potato-town, Sam found 1850 Maple Street, the home of Jacques. “Have you seen Ken Turkey lately?”
“Funny you would ask, but he came zooming by my house earlier today on his bicycle. When I said ‘hi,’ he told me he had no time to talk and just kept on peddling. He was heading north, though, so if you keep on this road, maybe you’ll find him.”
Sam rode his bike for hours and thought he would never find his friend Ken. Then he saw a sign ahead that read “Kun- Turkey.”
“That’s it!” said Sam. “Kun-Turkey is where all the turkeys live!”
Sam asked around and had no trouble finding his turkey friend.
“I wanted to visit my relatives,” Ken explained, “and didn’t want to use my car. I decided it would be much healthier to ride my bike. When I got here, all the residents of Kun-Turkey were so impressed with my bike that they elected me President.”
“That’s great,” said Sam. “We should all make healthier choices. That’s why I always ride my bike. Let’s go celebrate your becoming president!” Ken and Sam rode their bikes back to Ken’s house and had a veggie-sandwich party.

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