Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funny Story

With hurricanes/tropical storms moving across Florida, we have had numerous storms, tornado watches, and flood warnings here in Georgia. I knew we were under different advisories yesterday as Fay made her way up the coast, so I kept the t.v. on during the day to stay apprised of the weather situation.
At some point, the weatherman announced that our county was under a "flash flood warning." BT is a little skittish when there is bad weather. He heard this announcement and wanted to know exactly what that meant. Knowing that he probably had a Noah-and-the-ark mental image, I was quick to downplay the situation.
"Flash flooding is no real danger to us. They make that announcement when large puddles are forming, especially when they are forming on the roads," I said. "Drivers need to know that these puddles may be deeper than they think," I continued, "and they could get stuck if they are not careful."
"Oh," he said. "If that is the case, then they should just call them puddle watches."

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Amy Wilkinson said...

I love it! Being the weather buff that I am, I would have the t.v. on, too! Don't you just love the way our children think? I have gotten more laughs out of the things that they say! Congratulations on the good grades, Ben and Brian! You've got a fantastic teacher! :) Have a blessed day!