Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bruster's Subway Story Contest Entry

Bruster completed the story that began "Everyone gathered in the center of town for the start of the race except..."

for Butter who was at home eating a bag of chocolate chip cookies. “I don’t care about the race,” said Butter, as he stuffed cookies in his mouth. “I just want to eat cookies because running is very boring, but cookies are delicious.”
Back at the starting line, Coach Potato yelled, “On your mustard, get ketchup, g---. Wait a minute,” he yelled. “Where’s Butter? We can’t start the race without Butter.” The crowd all moaned, “Aww.”
“Let’s start. He always slows us down,” complained Wheat Bread.
“He’s too slow,” said Dill Pickle.
“He never finishes anyway. Can’t we just leave him out?” asked Pepper.
“NO! We have to start with him here,” said Coach Potato.
“Why?” asked Pepper Jack Cheese.
“He needs to be healthy. He can’t stay at home and eat cookies all the time. We need to tell him that racing is healthy because it gets your muscles pumped up. Butter needs our help. Let’s go get him!”
“Okay,” everybody said.
They all ran to Butter’s house, and Coach Potato knocked on the door. “Hey, Butter! It’s me, Coach Potato.” Butter went to the door and opened it to see the whole crowd standing there. “Why did you bring them here? All they ever do is tease me,” Butter said.
“They all came with me to get you for the race. We won’t start without you.”
“I don’t want to go to the race. It’s not fun, and I’ll just get made fun of.”
“I am really sorry for teasing you,” said Wheat Bread.
“I am sorry for laughing at you. It wasn’t right,” said Dill Pickle.
“We didn’t know we were hurting your feelings,” said Pepper.
“I forgive you,” said Butter. “It is hard for me to run because I have short legs and slippery feet. I am always falling down.”
“We won’t tease you any more. Instead, we will help you,” said Pepper Jack Cheese.
“That’s great! We should get back to the race now. Let’s go,” said Coach Potato.
They all ran to the center of town and helped Butter along the way. Back at the starting line, Coach Potato yelled, “on your mustard, get ketchup, go!” This time everyone ran as fast as they could, including Butter.
“Now this is fun!” said Butter. He ran so fast that not only did he finish, he won the race!
Now instead of eating cookies, Butter runs with his new friends and enjoys being healthy.

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