Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

The first room to be picture ready is our classroom. We used this room as the boys' bedroom before the remodel. Here are a few pictures of what it looked like then.

Pretty bad, huh?! Granted this was after I had begun packing and realized I had not taken before pictures. Normally, the beds were made and the room had a little more life to it.

A lot of work was done to this room. The window was replaced, and the wall beneath was replaced as it was crumbling from water damage. The carpet was removed, and the hardwood floors underneath were refinished. The old ceiling fan was much too large for the room, and so we replaced it with a much smaller one. I painted over the drab aqua blue with primer and Wal Mart's Color Place "Salmon White". It is a pretty peach, my favorite and signature color.

Here is how the room looks now:

What a difference!
I have added some elements to my classroom now that I have a little more space than before and will post about them later, but first, be on the look out for "What Was I Thinking?!?!"


Raising Olives said...

That tree is way too cute. The classroom looks wonderful.


argsmommy said...

It must feel so good to have your schoolroom put together -- it looks great. I love the separate whiteboards with art work above. And please tell us about the bird tree -- so cool! I didn't notice anything that would fall into the "what was I thinking" category. : )


Homeschool Dawn said...

Thanks so much. It does feel good to have the classroom together. Tomorrow will be the first real day of school in a while.
The 'What Was I Thinking" is a post in the making. You'll understand when I get it posted and you see the pictures that fit the title.
I will have to write a post on the bird tree sometime soon. It has been a great addition to our homeschool.


Heather said...

That paint color is Truly Dawn. It should not have been labeled Salmon White. We must contact the Wal-mart executives immediately so they can change it. The room is much brighter and the window does add plenty of nice natural light into the room. You have so much material packed into that classroom-- a true teacher! The room looks great.