Thursday, March 26, 2009

Send a Pro-Life Message to Obama

Red-Envelope Day will be held on March 31, and you can send a message to President Obama voicing your opposition to abortion.

You can purchase an empty red envelope here with a message to the President printed on the back. The message will explain that the empty envelope represents one child who lost his life to abortion. Each envelope costs $1.10, and you can purchase as many as you like. Follow the link for more details.

I would love to see the White House filled with 48 million of these to truly represent the number of lives lost since 1973. Pray that the Lord will open Obama's eyes to the truth as these cards pour in.

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Melissa Lester said...

I think this is such a neat way to express our feelings. I have been so disappointed in Obama's stance. I don't think he could even claim to be "pro-choice"; his legislation shows that he is pro-abortion.