Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Reading Thing

It's time for the Spring Reading Thing at Callapidder Days. Finding more time for reading is one of my goals for 2009, so I have decided to participate. This is the list of what I hope to read over the next three months. If you want to participate, follow the link above for details on how to join in on the reading fun. You can click the title of each book I have listed for more information on how to purchase it for yourself.
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Passionate Housewives Desperate for God
by Chancey and McDonald
I read this one in January but want to reread it. The authors are both mothers of large families and offer much wisdom for all moms, whether you have a small or large family, are just starting your motherhood journey or have been at it for years.

by Sally Clarkson
This is another book that I have already read but am doing a reread. The author is the mother of four children and writes to encourage moms to view their children as blessings and motherhood as a calling. She reminds us that our children are our disciples and we should look to Christ's relationship with his disciples as a model for how we interact with our children.

by D. Martin Lloyd-Jones
I have been reading this one for two years and do not intend to complete it within the two month challenge. I read about a chapter per month as it is a very challenging book. It is not challenging in the sense of being difficult to read. It is written very plainly and is easy to understand. There is, however, layer upon layer of insight, wisdom and good teaching. I am taking my time so that I may fully digest what this book has to offer.

by Bill Potter
This book is a compilation of letters written by Stonewall Jackson to his wife, Anna, whom he affectionately called his Esposa. I am gearing up to teach my boys about the Civil War. Stonewall Jackson lived an inspirational life. He was a man of faith, courage and commitment who loved his wife well. I look forward to learning more about this great hero and teaching my boys not just about his life as a general, but also his life as a man of God and head of his home.

by Steven and Alex Kendrick
I am not usually one to read trendy books, even those found at the local Christian bookstore. However, I really enjoyed the movie Fireproof, and this 40 Day challenge based on the one Kirk Cameron's character takes in the movie looks to be edifying. There are forty chapters. Each one has a short (about two pages long) devotion on an aspect of loving your spouse. Then, there is a dare you must complete that relates to the topic of the devotion. I am praying and ask the Lord to guard my heart from any selfish motives. This dare is to be completed solely with the motive of learning to love better, not to transform your spouse.

The Bible:
The books of 1 and 2 Chronicles and 1 and 2 Kings
This is where we are in our family read through of the Bible and morning Bible lessons in school.

Audio Books:

I hope to listen to one audio book between now and summer: Twenty-Four Hours Is All You Get by Susan Bradrick. This talk is designed to help homeschool moms manage their time more wisely to accomplish all that is required of them in a day with joy, not frustration.

Now that I have put my goals in writing, I will be more apt to complete them, so I appreciate the reading challenge. I look forward to posting again in June about all that the Lord has taught me through these reads.

I hope you will join me for the Spring Reading Thing.

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argsmommy said...

I like your list a lot better than mine. : ) I just wrote down a few of your titles for future reference. Happy reading!