Monday, April 19, 2010

They're Here!: News from All About Spelling

If you have not heard the great news from All About Spelling, please allow me to be the first to share!

All About Spelling, Level 6 is now available for purchase.  Here is what AAS has to say about their new level:

In All About Spelling Level 6 , your child will learn:

- Clues for when to use -ible or -able
- Easy ways to remember the exceptions to the I-Before-E Generalization
- Tips for spelling words ending in -il , -el , -al , and -le
- Strategies for tackling longer words with ease
- and much more!

This popular series is designed to take the struggle out of spelling for your child and for you. If your child has difficulty with spelling, be sure to check out the entire All About Spelling series. This 100% guaranteed program will provide the help you need.

Also hot-off-the-presses are two new readers to coordinate with AAS, level 2, What Am I? and Queen Bee!

If you have been waiting for level 6 or the level 2 readers, now is the time to buy.  AAS is offering a 20% discount on all three new releases until Monday, April 26!

For more information or to purchase your copies of these great products, follow the links provided in this post.  As an AAS affiliate, and very satisfied AAS mom, I will receive a commission on any purchases made from those links and will happily assist you as needed.  However, AAS has not compensated me for this post.   

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