Saturday, April 17, 2010

Product Review: Math Mammoth


I received Math Mammoth Gold Version for 3rd grade. This is a supplemental series, filled with pages of extra practice in addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

For each skill, there are visual representations of the math. Almost every page includes pictures, number lines, or other visual aides. This program shows students the concepts behind math, and does not just have them drill numbers.

Math Mammoth Gold has a nice blend of skill practice and application work. There was just enough drill work for my taste and there are a number of word problems. Some of the more basic math is done in a way to exercise mental math and higher order thinking, too.

What We Thought

The problem I have with most math curriculum is that they either stress memory work and skill and drill and rarely touch on problem solving and application or they stress problem solving and application at the expense of memorization.

I think Math Mammoth offers a middle ground. There was plenty of practice work and a number of strategies to aide with memorization. However, there were also many word problems and higher order activities.

I am very interested in their full curriculum, and if I did not love our current math curriculum, would consider switching to Math Mammoth next year.

I give Math Mammoth two thumbs up and recommend you give the Gold Version a try. It did serve as an excellent supplement to my existing math curriculum, allowing me to get a feel for the program without having to fully commit to it, which I also love.

You can purchase Math Mammoth from their website.  The Gold series, available by grade level, costs $65 as a download or $70 on cd.

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I received the products mentioned in this review for free in order to use them and offer my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation.

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