Thursday, May 20, 2010

15 Years

Today is Michael's and my 15th anniversary. 

Over spring break, he and I celebrated by taking a much needed retreat. 
Fifteen years ago, I had just graduated college, and he had just completed his masters work.  We took a much-needed retreat for our honeymoon, too, and traveled to a cozy little cottage on a mountain in Arkansas.  It was such a nice place, and we enjoyed our relaxing first week as husband and wife so much that we decided then to return for our 15th anniversary... 
However, a fire destroyed the cabin a few years ago and destroyed our plans with it.
Our honeymoon cabin in Arkansas

We decided instead to travel to the mountains of North Georgia where we could enjoy a three-day get-away in a mountain cabin and bird watch.  I was a little sad not to go back where it all started.

But my mood changed a bit as we drove up to this lovely "cabin".

We spent hours on this deck enjoying the cool spring weather
and listening to the many birds that surrounded us.

As you can see in this picture, our cabin had three stories, each with its own deck or patio. 
The top deck was off the second loft bedroom (there were 2 lofts). 
The weather was so nice we were able to sleep with the window open and awaken to the sounds of birds.
Ahh... can I go back?

I enjoyed the fully-stocked kitchen.  Yes, I cooked...

but Michael grilled!

Just like he did on our honeymoon!
Boy! Has he changed!

But to be fair, so have I!
(taken one month before our wedding)

 Back to our anniversary trip...
It was too warm for a fire, but we enjoyed relaxing in the comfy living room
and listening to 80's music on the sattelite t.v. service.

We also went to this Roses store and bought Rook cards
and a Mancala game.

The dining table made a beautiful setting for an anniversary dinner,
but also served as a great place to play cards and games. 

In the basement, there was a ping pong table where we honored our BSU heritage and played many rounds.  We are so old and rusty that we laughed at our-sorry-selves until we cried!

It was so nice to spend time away with the man I love.
In fifteen years, many things have changed,
like our waist lines, hair styles, and ping pong abilities,
but our love for each other has remained unchanged.

We give thanks to God for fifteen wonderful years as man and wife.


argsmommy said...

Awwww... Happy Anniversary!!! It sounds like such a wonderful trip.

So I'm curious what card games you guys play. : )

Debbie said...

Oh, wow! What a wonderful getaway spot! Happy Anniversary!

Mama Hen said...

Happy Anniversary! That looks like an awesome place to vacation.

Homeschool Dawn said...

It was a really nice trip. Something I did not mention in my post (I didn't want it to sound like an ad) is that the company we rented from had an off-season rate that was so low plus a rent 2 nights get one free. We paid less than we would have to stay in a hotel.

We like Rook, Spades, and Hearts. :)