Saturday, May 15, 2010

Product Review: Artistic Pursuits


Let me begin this review by saying that we plan to include Artistic Pursuits curriculum in Wilbur's school program for the remainder of his home education. I am not sure I can give this product any higher praise than that.

I was given the opportunity to select any one of Artistic Pursuits books and chose the first of the 4th-6th grade books which introduces the elements of art and composition. What initially caught my attention was the layout of the book. It is very user-friendly, designed for the student to read and learn from independently. As much as I wanted to get involved in this study because I love to draw as much as Wilbur does, I remained hands-off to see if he could complete the assignments without assistance. He was.

After he completed a few lessons, I read through the book myself and was impressed with the approach to instruction. Specific skills are taught incrementally and are explained very thoroughly. There are a number of visual aids to reference which show how to use the art tools (pencil, eraser, etc.) and how to examine the subject matter. Artistic Pursuits has its students finding subject matter from existing works, the world around them, and their imaginations. And while students are prompted to put specific skills into practice, they are given the freedom to exercise choice and draw what they want.

Wilbur has thoroughly enjoyed his Artistic Pursuits studies. In just a few lessons, I have seen improvement in his abilities. We have used a different art curriculum with him for a few years. He has also taken private art lessons. Truthfully, I have been most satisfied with Artistic Pursuits. With the other curriculum, I have had to be very involved and demonstrate how to do what the curriculum required. With private art lessons, the teacher did the same. She drew on the board what she wanted him to produce and then he had to replicate it.

With Artistic Pursuits, Wilbur has been able to stretch his abilities and apply the lessons in a way that is meaningful to him. His drawings have been truly his own. I feel like he is making the transition from master replicator to a true artist.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with Artistic Pursuits and highly recommend their curricula for your homeschool.  The book we received is priced at $ 42.95 and is worth every penny, in my opinion.

You can visit their website for more information on all the great K-12 products and prices.

I received the product mentioned in this review for free in order to offer my unbiased opinion. I have received no other compensation.

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argsmommy said...

We've been using one of the K-3 books, and I've been very happy with it too. I'm excited to hear that Wilbur was able to work independently with AP -- I'm looking forward to that stage. : )