Saturday, May 15, 2010

Product Review: Critical Thinking Co.


Balance Benders
, from Critical Thinking Co., was one of my favorite products that I received as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

This book of reproducible worksheets provides hours of logic and algebraic reasoning fun! Each worksheet pictures one or two balance scale(s). On the scale(s) are a variety of shapes. Some shapes are equal to others while some are greater/less than other specified shapes.

Beneath the scales are expressions like 2 circles are equal to 1 square. Using the scale(s) as a reference, students must decide which of 6 expressions are true.

We love, love, loved these activities! They were fun and challenging. However, the book begins with simpler exercises to give students a chance to succeed. Each page is a little more difficult than the previous so students build their skills and stretch their thinking as they complete the book.

The best part was each page only took a few minutes to complete. These serve as great activators for a math lesson. They could also be used for an easy center or workbox activity. Balance Benders is a simple and fun way to provide a little higher-order thinking in your school day.

I must say that I drooled over their catalog, too. Balance Benders ($9.99 per book) is available in more advanced levels for older students as well. I am also interested in some of their other books and software and intend to include a few of their products in our school day next year.

I give them two thumbs up and encourage you to check out their website!

I received the product mentioned in this review for free in order to provide my honest evaluation. I have received no other compensation and have offered my unbiased opinion.

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