Saturday, May 15, 2010

Product Review: Graphics Toolbox


This is a difficult review to write solely because I was unable to give this product the attention it deserves.

Graphics Toolbox seems to be absolutely fabulous… a dream come true for a blogger and project-driven homeschooler like me. It provides its user with a number of design possibilities with its ability to zoom in and crop pixel by pixel. The color palette offers just about any hue imaginable. And with only a few clicks of the mouse, colors can be changed and coordinated as desired.

The applications are as numerous as the product features: school projects, posters, greeting cards, photo editing, blog headers and buttons…. The final results look professional as well.

The product support the Crew received from Great Software Tools was first-rate. I attended one training session and was impressed with the instruction and support provided as well as what could be accomplished using Graphics Toolbox. My experience with this company has been very good.

However, after I installed the software, my computer began to "act up". I learned from other Crew members that this product was not initially designed for Windows Vista and does not perform optimally on a Vista computer… then again, what does? I resigned from the Crew the week I began to have problems and did not have time to verify that this was the cause or to seek help from Great Software Tools.

Because my health issues did not afford me the time to properly complete the number of reviews I was being assigned by TOS, I could not invest the time needed to resolve these issues and thoroughly learn and use Graphics Toolbox. I am certain that had I not resigned from the Crew and had I sought help from Great Software Tools, the issues would have been resolved quickly and I would have LOVED this product. Instead, I decided to uninstall the software.

I do recommend you look into Graphics Toolbox. I have not seen another program with similar capabilities, especially for the price, $149. You can watch tutorials here and see just a sampling of the many things you can accomplish with GT. You can also try this product for free for 30 days.  Please read my crewmates' reviews as well.

I received the product mentioned in this review for free and have received no other compensation. I have offered my unbiased opinion.

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