Saturday, May 15, 2010

Product Review: Pandia Press


I received History Odyssey: Early Modern from Pandia Press to review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

This curriculum roughly covers the time period of colonization in the New World and the revolutions. The overall curriculum seems to be chronological with Early Modern History serving as one of 4 units for level one. There are three levels available. This particular unit does not introduce topics sequentially, but instead teaches the events geographically. The study begins with a look at England and ends with Japan.

History Odyssey uses a few additional resources (i.e. Story of the World and History Pockets). These resources must be purchased separately.

For each week of the 36-week study there is a check list of reading assignments, which come from the required additional resources, activities, and map work. Reproducible worksheets are included for the mapping assignments. There is also a weekly book list included. These books are not required but listed for those who want to investigate the topic further.

Instructions are provided to build a history notebook. Each week a new prompt is given as to what the child needs to write in his notebook. It is very similar to journaling (Charlotte Mason). Other activities are included as well as recipes and games.

Overall, I like History Odyssey. It is not written from a Christian perspective, and that would keep us from using it as our core history curriculum. However, I did not find anything overtly anti-Christian. I would also call it "history-light" because it is not as rigorous as I would like. I think it would make for a very nice study for a student who does not have a natural interest in history. Many of the activities are fun and interest building and could serve to motivate a reluctant learner. But it does not provide enough material for a history connoisseur. It would perhaps make a good spine for this type student if you are willing to allow for extra research or add in other activities.

You can learn more about History Odyssey at the Pandia Press website. You can purchase each unit in downloadable e-book format for $28.99- $33.99 per book. Print copies are available from other sellers.

I received the product(s) mentioned in this review for free in order to provide my honest opinion about it/them. I have received no other compensation and have provided an unbiased review.

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