Saturday, November 6, 2010

Round about the Table: Balderdash Answers and Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner...


She answered all three questions correctly!!!  Impressive, especially considering we have never met irl.

Congratulations, Kellie.  Your copy of 24 Hours Is All You Get is on its way!

Now for the answers.

1. I have done each of the following:

  • A. worked as a radio DJ.   TRUE- At 16, I auditioned for a part-time opening at a local AM radio station.  I worked there for almost 2 years, until I graduated high school and moved to Memphis for college.
  • B. created a photo journal of the Cows of Missouri   TRUE-  When I was a child, each summer my family visited my great grandparents who lived on a farm in very rural Missouri.  We usually stayed for two weeks,  and there wasn't much to do.  To pass the time, I started taking pictures of every cow I saw.  And let me tell you, that was a lot of cows!
  • C. played flute in an orchestra   BALDERDASH-  I play the flute but have never been a member of an orchestra.

2. I have tried each of the following:
  • A. running a 5K only to pass out half-way through  BALDERDASH- I'm sure if I tried running a 5K, passing out would result!  However, I have spared myself the embarrassment and avoided running races altogether.
  • B. retaking the ACT four times to improve my science score which only went down with each subsequent retake   TRUE-  My other scores went up each time, but my composite score remained the same because science really went down each time.
  • C. growing a garden, flower and vegetable, only to kill every plant I touch  TRUE-  I even bought a "fool-proof" Topsy Turvy this year, and my strawberries and herbs died.  It must have something to do with my science deficiencies.
3. The most embarrassing moments of life have been the following:

  • A. TRUE   While working as a deejay, I finished my announcement and removed my headphones. i could not hear the broadcast from the speakers in the room and thought something was wrong. I began to panic and yell, "I've blown up the tower! The FCC is going to throw me in jail. I can't go to jail...I'm only 17!" As I was having my melt-down, I noticed I had left my microphone on, which is why the speakers in the room were silent-to avoid feedback, and everyone in my hometown had heard my panic attack. (well, at least those who were listening to the radio) 
  • B.  BALDERDASH  (This really happened to the mom of a good friend of mine, and it could easily happen to me since I confuse the two languages all the time.  I'm a former French major who married a man who speaks Spanish fluently.)  While attending a wedding in Venezuela, I must have made a disapproving face when a pit was dug and a whole pig thrown in. The bride asked me what was wrong, and I replied, "En Los Estados Unidos, comemos gateaux." I had intended to say "In the U.S. we eat cake." I had unintentionally used the French word "gateaux" which means cake, but the bride heard the Spanish "gato". I realized my mistake when a cat walked across the lawn and everyone started laughing and pointing at me.
  • C. TRUE  (I was 17 when I did this, too.  What an interesting year that was.)  After work at the Girls Club one day, I was the last employee and had the responsibility of cleaning and locking up. Once my chores were done, I decided to sing into the microphone of the PA system, with the speakers all turned on, of course. What I forgot was there were speakers on the exterior of the building and around the grounds. When I exited the building, residence of the apartment complex across the street were sitting outside laughing hysterically about my little "concert". They applauded me as I ducked into my car and made a quick exit.
I'll meet you back Round about the Table soon for a Welcome Back Devotion (even though we're well into the school blogging is way behind our support group meetings) and  24 Hours Is All You Get!

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Kellie said...

Thank you!!! I can't believe I got them all right! I'm looking forward to the the CD -- the topic sounds perfect for me. : ) Tonight's my favorite night of the year because we get an extra hour, LOL!

Again, thank you for the prize and for the fun post.