Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: Drowning in Soap!

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I'm up to my ears in soap!!

There are two weeks left until the crafts fair at the local mall where I will sell my soapy creations.  Last year, we had a teeny, tiny little sale at a neighborhood church.  We were hit by a monsoon that night (not really- we don't get monsoons in Georgia, but you know what I mean), and almost no one came.  I still managed to sell about 200 bars.

This year we scheduled to set up at the mall on the day of an entrepreneurial expo and when Santa arrives.  I imagine the mall will be a happenin' place that day and that I may sell a lot of soap.

Which means I have to make A LOT of soap.

I am making cupcake soap, gingerbread soap, ducky soap, Christmas tree soap, snowflake soap, soccer ball soap, froggy soap,  soapy bands (kind of like soap on a rope but with silly bands instead of rope), sugar plum fairy soap, soap bars, soap balls, soap....

This could go on forever.

I'm kinda like the Bubba of the soap world.

Bubba Gump Soap Company... Momma always said  life is like a bar of soap- you never know what kind of  mess you'll have to clean up next.

Anyhoo, what I'm trying to say is that this week has been all about the soap.  We are all very clean, and the house smells wonderful.

What's that?

Oh, you came here to read about homeschool.

Oh yes, forgive me.  Well, let's see... we kept up with the basics.  That would be Omnibus for Orville, Rod and Staff for Wilbur, DGP, History, Math, and Latin for both. 

We also did 3 science experiments!!!  And I took pictures with my loaner camera.  However, the software for it would not install on my computer.

VISTA...nuf said.

So even though I took pictures of the cardboard boat race that transpired in our bathtub, once again I have nothing visual to share.  

And the boat race involved SOAP!

Boat soap...

now, there's an idea....

We did take a day off from school on Tuesday for Wilbur's birthday, and he ate almost half a package of Oreos while he and Orville watched Toy Story 3.  We had not gone to see it in the theater.  I'm sorry to say that we couldn't get a second mortgage so we could pay the cost of admission.  So our kids had to wait for DVD.  It was an exciting day!

Maybe if I sell enough soap in two weeks, we will be able to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader at the theater.

Boat soap, so we can go see a movie about a boat!

Oh, never mind.  I better get back to the soap.  I seem to have soap on the....

...brain soap???

I wonder if anyone would...


Happy Soapin'!

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Kellie said...

So not fair that you can get that much done in a week. If I try to do any sort of project the school doesn't get done and the laundry piles up. Maybe that's why my kitchen has been half-painted since July. : )

Hope you sells lots and lots of soap!