Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in: Week 5

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This week sure had its challenges!

On Sunday we celebrated Reformation Day which brought two temptations my way.  First, we enjoyed a celebration meal.  I felt unsure how to approach it at first.  Part of me wanted to be the strict dieter who calls all enjoyable food bad and completely abstains.  Part of me wanted to be the excuse maker who, with a "we-only-live-once" attitude, dives right in to the smorgasbord and over-indulges.

That, I'm learning, is one of my problems which makes weight maintenance so difficult.  Here's where I could insert an entire series on 1 Cor 8, where eating meat sacrificed to idols is addressed. Instead, I will encourage you to read this, Matthew Henry's commentary on the chapter. 

In short, the application for me is to pray for the grace to approach food with a proper sense of Christian liberty.  Calling what God has declared good to be bad is wrong.  Sinning by abusing Christian liberty through over-indulgence or partaking in those things which I know cause my weaker brother (in this case me and anyone who is watching my diet) to stumble is nothing short of sin, either.

So I approached the party prayerfully and with a plan.  I knew the menu in advance and logged in my meal plan before I went.  By God's grace, I placed on my plate what was on the plan, ate a good, filling and enjoyable meal and felt fully satisfied afterward.

The other temptations were candy from the party and Wilbur's birthday.  The boy wanted Oreos for his treat and I did not want him to feel punished because of my weakness, so I bought some Oreos.  I allowed myself one mini Milky Way and imagined all the other candy in their bags had a sour middle to help me deny myself.  I also allowed myself two Oreos and prayed and gave myself the talk about abusing liberty and sinning each time I wanted to reach into the bag for more. 

That probably reads like I am so strong.  So spiritual.  So full of will-power. 

I'm not.

I am so weak and so dependent on God. 

I feel like this diet could crash and burn at any moment because I know who I am.  A sinful woman.  There is a constant wrestle and I find myself at the Throne of Grace over and over again. 

This weight loss is not my work, but a  work of grace in me, and I praise God for this week's results!

I lost 2.4 lbs.
bringing my weight-loss total to 11.6 lbs!

Praise the Lord for sustaining and blessing my efforts this week!

Since no one linked in last week, I will leave the Linky off this week.  If you want to link in, email me and I will add it.  Otherwise, continue to pray and email me.  Look me up on My Fitness Pal, too.  I am user homeschooldawn.

Please pray this week for the following:
  • That I would continue to mature in my attitude toward food and my commitment to exercise (I did get in all my swimming and Gazelle work outs- for those keeping me accountable).
  • That the weight will continue to "fall off".  It's not really "falling off", but you know what I mean.
  • Swimming not only does not cause my pain to flare up, but relieves it when there is a flare up.  This is a praise, and I am praying that it will continue to be a help.
  • For the extra measures of grace that I need to develop a Biblical mindset regarding food and exercise and to resist true temptation.
  • For two of my sisters in Christ who are dieting with me.
  • That God will be glorified.
Happy Dieting!


Kellie said...

Congratulations, Dawn!!! I'm just peeking in right now, so I'll have to come back and read the Matthew Henry commentary. I wish I could say I did as well this week. I stayed exactly the same. I did well with exercise, which is probably what kept the scale from tipping in the wrong direction. I'll be praying for you to have another good week, and I'll try to check in at MFP tonight. : )

I am blessed! said...

All or nothing is so much easier than having self-control! My mom used to drive us all nuts when she obsessed over how many weight watcher points everything she ate was. I just can't go through life counting points, but it did help her to enjoy food, but not overdo it. I just enjoy it a little less when my pants are tight. I never get on the scale, though. It makes me obsess. Congrats on continuing to lose weight! I'm back in jeans this week and it feels so good!


Heather said...

Woo Hoo!

Homeschool Dawn said...

Thanks Ladies!

Yes, all or nothing is so much easier. Praying for the fruit of self-control...only by grace.