Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in: Week 7

I am a woman of few words today.  Mostly because my weigh-in results have me tongue-tied.  It was a tough week with lots to do in preparation for the soap sale along with homeschool, home life, tutoring, homeschool association, church and doctor appointments.

Go! Go! Go! was the theme this week and eating right and exercising were challenging.

And every day that I had planned to go swimming it was rainy- cool and rainy.  It's just hard to get into a swimming mindset when faced with dreary, chilly weather.

Okay, it was still 50-60 something degrees, and the pool is indoors.  But I'm a Southern Gal and those kind of  temps coupled with rain make me feel icy all over. 

I was wrapped up in my Snuggie drinking hot tea and reading Narnia.

Plus the pool closes if there's lightning or strong winds.  I always imagine getting there, just getting in and wet and then being told we must leave immediately.  That would be immensely frustrating.  And COLD!

There would not be enough hot tea and Snuggies to help me recover from that.

So to settle my southern heart, we just skipped going to the pool this week.

We also had later-than-normal meals which always equals needing to feed the crew something quick and easy.

That used to mean let's eat out or grab a frozen pizza or something else dreadful like that, if I didn't have meals in the freezer.  Which I don't right now because I have not had time this month to cook ahead.

We did eat out twice, but at Wendy's and Arby's where I could meet my calorie goals and still be nourished and full.  We also only bought our main dish, a grilled chicken sandwich or roast beef sandwich, from the restaurants and I steamed veggies to go with it at home.  Add in some yogurt for me, cheese cubes, fruit cups and toast for the boys and we had ourselves a very filling, mostly nutritious meal.

I also visited the Wal Mart deli twice.  Their rotisserie chickens are FABULOUS, inexpensive (I couldn't make it myself for the same price), very low calorie and with carrots, celery sticks and fruit makes a great, filling dinner.  Again the fellers also had mashed potatoes (from the freezer), cheese, okra (from the deli) and bread.  (I can tell Orville has hit early adolescence.  His plate is piled high EVERY SINGLE MEAL with about six snacks in between!!!)

I replaced swimming with five, 30-minute workouts on the Gazelle, too.  I have been so cold that it felt great to sweat!

So with all the eating out and changes in exercise, I expected to step on the scale this morning and see no change or maybe even a little upward movement.  But instead...

I lost 2.2 lbs!!!
That brings my total weight loss to 15.4 lbs.!!!!

Yea!!!  Praise the Lord!!!

So, let me did you do this week?  Make sure you check in with me via comments, email or My Fitness Pal.  I am encouraged by all of you and love to hear your results!

Here are my prayer requests for the week:
  1. 15 pounds is ALWAYS where my diets take a turn for the worse.  I guess I feel a sense of accomplishment and start to grow tired of the work it takes to lose weight.  It has always been the point at which I decide I don't need a weight loss service any more and drop out to do it on my own.  Not doing that this time.  Pray that in the midst of feeling good about the lost weight, I will be mindful of how far I still have to go...that God will grant me perseverance.
  2. I am starting to prepare for the holidays.  I am making a plan for each holiday so that it will be ONE  day of celebrating.  I will be eliminating lots of tempting little treats hanging around the house for days before and after.  Pray that food will have a proper place in my life and that I will flee the temptation of holiday excuses.
  3. The Gazelle continues to be a good alternate exercise.  Pray for my stamina and pain levels as well as my commitment to workout each week day.
  4. There are two friends who are dieting with me.  Please pray for their continued success.  What a blessing they are to me!
  5. That God will be glorified.
Happy Healthy Living!

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Kellie said...

Congratulations!!!! And thank you -- you've given me some great ideas for eating during busy times.

I'll report at MFP.