Monday, March 19, 2012

I thought my house was clean....

That is until my friend, Joy, came to my house to demonstrate the Rainbow Cleaning System.

In the hours before she came to my house 2 days ago, I gave it a thorough cleaning- meaning dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc.  Here is what my Rainbow Cleaning System just picked up after vacuuming a few feet of my hardwoods for about 2 minutes.

Eeew... sorry.  It's gross I know.   

And it gets worse.

Here is what it removed from an area rug.

I clean my house regularly, really!

This was clean, clear water 1 minute earlier.

BUT... the real reason we bought the Rainbow Cleaning System is because it is an air purification system powerful enough to clean the air in a Wal Mart store.  You would not believe the amount of dust and debris in the tank when we run it to clean the air.  This is something I really need since I suffer from allergies and asthma.  It will also kill 99% of airborne bacteria by adding a fresh-smelling liquid to the tank.  You can also use it to wet clean floor, shampoo carpet, vacuum upholstery, dust....  The thing is AMAZING!

To understand how good the Rainbow Cleaning System is, you really need to see it for yourself, though.

Would you please consider setting up a demo through me and the sales rep I purchased from, Joy?  You can email me at  homeschooldawn (at) gmail (dot) com, and Joy can set up a demo for you in your area, as long as you live in the contiguous United States.

You will receive a voucher for a free 3 days/2 nights stay at one of several resorts in exchange for your time, and you can earn free products like I am trying to do.

Disclosure:  I am earning points to receive a full rebate for my purchase price.  If you set up a demo through Joy by emailing me, I will receive points toward that rebate.  You would truly be helping a friend out. 


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Kellie said...

Ewww... that is pretty gross, but I can promise you my floors would be much worse. We would probably be able to create another dog from the hair we'd vacuum up!

I'm so sorry, but I won't be able to help you out by setting up a demonstration. We are on a strict budget right now so we can hopefully hire someone to finish our basement, and I cannot resist temptation when someone personally tries to sell me something. I did look at the website though and it looks pretty neat.