Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday: Not an Overachiever

I have not been reading the blogs of some amazing women lately. They have not inspired me to try something new, cooking in bulk and freezing.

I did not set last Monday aside as a shopping day and Tuesday as a cooking day. I did not decide to make enough breakfasts, dinners, sides, and desserts for one month because I am not an over-achiever.

I did not make 3 chicken pot pies, four servings of roasted sweet potatoes, 5 tater tot casseroles, 4 servings of orange glazed carrots, 3 portions of Swedish meatballs, 5 dishes of cashew chicken, 4 platters of Mexican chicken, 4 trays of baked mac and cheese, 3 large trays of tagliarini, 6 dozen muffins, 6 dozen pancakes, 48 sausage biscuits, and enough cookie dough for 8 dozen cookies. Like I said, I am not an overachiever of the highest proportion. Not me… no way!

Every muscle in my body did not ache after I finished all the cooking and cleaning. I'm not getting old, either.

I also did not fill the freezer with frozen vegetables and ready-to-bake bread. There is not enough food in there to feed an army, and I will not have to do any major shopping or cooking for one month. I did not save a considerable amount of money on groceries, and so far, everything has not tasted great and been super convenient. I am not glad I took time to bulk cook. Not glad at all.

And, just so you'll know… this non-overachiever is not messy either. Nope! Not a bit. In fact, here's what my kitchen did not look like when I finished cooking.

See, I told you. I'm not messy. Not me!
This picture was not taken after I had done two loads of dishes.

Oh, and don't bother coming back anytime soon because recipes will not follow. ;)


Berry Patch said...

I am not wildly applauding your efforts. I'm also not jealous. Nope. Not at all. ;-)

argsmommy said...

Hey! That's what my kitchen looks like even when I don't cook! : ) Congratulations on a remarkable achievement. I'll be thinking of you each time I wonder what we're going to have for dinner.

Michelle said...

You know, I've never cooked for a whole month at a time. I have cooked for 10-15-20 different meals at once, usually 2-3 of each recipe. That seems to work well for us. Then I still just cook from scratch a couple of times per week. Sometimes I do this once a month, sometimes twice. There are all different sorts of variations of bulk freezer cooking. Find what works for YOU! :)