Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Product Review: Virginia Soaps and Scents


Has your mailbox ever smelled clean?

Mine has.

The day I received an email from the Crew informing me that I would be receiving a package of free soaps from Virginia Soaps and Scents to use and review, the package arrived. When I opened my mailbox, a fresh, clean scent wafted from within. Needless to say, Virginia Soaps and Scents made a great first impression on me.

I opened my clean-smelling package to find three sample-sized bars of soap, one ginger lime scented shampoo bar sample, and a laundry soap kit. The soap samples were each a different scent: coconut lemongrass; oatmeal, milk & honey; fresh orange. They all smell as good as they sound.

The Soaps

I cut the coconut lemongrass bar in half and placed one half, along with the shampoo bar, in our shower. I placed the other half at the bathroom sink. I set the orange bar in the kitchen; it went nicely with my peach color scheme. I put the oatmeal bar in a travel box and placed it in my purse. For three weeks, I have used the soap I received exclusively and with great results.

It produces a nice lather. It also rinses easily and does not leave behind residue. There were a few times while using the sample that either I used the soap to clean up after messy jobs like yard work and cleaning out the attic. Their soap washed away dirt and grime and left me feeling clean and soft.

Most importantly for me was the improvement in the condition of my skin. I have had a rash on my left hand for five years. I have tried an assortment of lotions, soaps, and treatments (including prescription ones) to no avail. After a few days of washing exclusively with these soaps, the rash was gone. I also have very rosy cheeks and am often advised to wear less blush. After a week of washing my face with the soap samples, my over-blushed look faded considerably. I have no doubts that Virginia Soap and Scents is good for the skin.

The Shampoo

I was less impressed with the shampoo bar. It has its good qualities. It lathers well, and my long, thick hair got clean with a minimal amount of soap. At first, I thought I was going to love it because my hair was less frizzy and my natural curl began to show. My mother commented at one point on how curly my hair was and asked me if I had used hot rollers.

However, my hair also felt "thicker", heavier, and more tangled than normal. I had a really hard time brushing and styling it (even after using conditioner and spray-in conditioner), and in the end, I decided that I did not like the trade off. I went back to my normal shampoo and conditioner.

Laundry soap

I was really not sure about how this would turn out. I have always thought making my own laundry soap would be too involved for me.

It was really simple to do. Their laundry soap kit comes with everything you need except for water, a pot to melt the ingredients, and a bucket for mixing. The soap comes pre-grated and the powder is pre-measured so you have the exact amount needed and only have to melt and mix.

Our clothes got clean. In fact, our whites looked better than ever. The consistency of the soap takes a little getting used to, and I continued to use fabric softener. I did not count how many washes I got from my half-gallon batch, but after three weeks, I still have a little left.

Overall, I give Virginia Soaps and Scents two clean, healed thumbs up and have become a paying customer. I refuse to wash my hands with any other soap and placed an order for five bars. I will be ordering the laundry soap soon, too.

They offer several other scents besides the ones I received. I ordered lavender, wild bayberry, and unscented. They do have a line of unscented products for those of you who have sensitive skin like me. Although I did well with the scented products, I have decided to give the unscented a try. You can buy the bars individually for $4.50, 3 bars for $12, buy four, get one free, or buy 10 bars for $35. The shampoo bars cost $5.50 each or you can buy 2 for $10. The laundry soap kit costs $4.95 or buy 6 for $25.

Since your experience could be different from mine, I suggest you try their sampler kits. They offer different combinations and it will allow you to try some of the products I reviewed as well as a few of their other products, like body butter, lip balm, and baby powder.

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Update: My order arrived within two days. I love the new scents, and the unscented is great.


argsmommy said...

How odd -- I've had a rash on one of my fingers for over two years. I've become very sensitive to soaps and lotions in the last several years, even natural ones, so I might have to look into this brand.

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

I loved these products, though I did not care for the shampoo bar for the same reasons you had. I am planning on ordering from them, too! I'd love to know what other scents you bought.