Sunday, November 1, 2009

Product Review: ABC Teach

I have an aversion to worksheets.

Really, I'm almost phobic.

I think it stems from two homework assignments I completed in third grade: a chalk drawing and a math worksheet. I colored away with my bright pink chalk, completely unaware that I was also painting the math problems on the worksheet. I thought I could clean my math work with a wet rag and ended up with a Swiss-cheese-like piece of paper to give to my teacher the next day.

Tragic for a type-A perfectionist like me.

I never recovered from it and, as a teacher, I have avoided worksheets like the plague. When I received my ABC Teach review assignment, I was not happy. The mere thought of visiting a site with over 40,000 printables caused me to break into a cold sweat.

I couldn't let my readers down, though, so I worked through my issues and visited their site. As I clicked through the many categories, here is what I found:
  • manipulatives
  • posters
  • flash cards
  • signs and learning activities for centers
  • graphic organizers
  • shape books
  • power point templates
  • puzzles and games
  • forms for reports
  • Montessori materials
  • handwriting worksheet generator
  • worksheets for every subject area

Though ABC Teach is like a digital warehouse for printables, they have more in stock than just your typical worksheet. For those who find worksheets helpful, they have plenty of those, too. Over 5,000 printables are available for free, and membership, which allows an individual access to the entire site, costs $40 per year.

Additionally, the site is well organized. Even though the amount of materials offered is large, finding what I need has been easy. I like that I can search by topic or subject. For instance, when I know I need a worksheet for addition problems with regrouping, I click the "math" heading. Subcategories then open, and finding the exact worksheet I need takes only a few more clicks. There is also an option to do a keyword search which made finding what I needed even easier. There are video tutorials to teach how to best navigate the site.

I have found many uses for ABC Teach and when my free subscription expired, this worksheet-phobe became a paying customer. I highly recommend their site and think the $40 membership fee is very reasonable.

I received a free membership to ABC Teach in order to complete this review. I have received no other compensation. This review offered my honest opinion based on my experience with the ABC Teach website. Your experience could differ from mine. Please click the icon above to visit the TOS Homeschool Crew blog where you can access my crewmates reviews.

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