Thursday, October 21, 2010

Round about the Table: Iron Homeschool Mom

At our September support group meeting, after our ice-breaker round, we held an Iron Homeschool Mom Contest!  I really wanted our first meeting to be light-hearted and fun, so that we could all sit back, relax, and do this....

Enjoying the Ice-breaker Round

For the ice-breaker round, I divided the ladies into four groups and asked each group to pick a leader who would facilitate the discussion (They answered the 3 questions I shared in Getting to Know You).  Then we played a round of Balderdash.  I plan to let you play this game in my next Round About segment with a chance to WIN a copy of 24 Hours Is All You Get, so I will tell you about that round of the competition in the next post.

The leaders of the three groups with the highest Balderdash scores
 moved on to Round 2.
They worked at the dry erase board to unscramble words
as I dictated the scrambled form.
Like U-U-L-I-C-R-M-U-R-C
The first 2 ladies to earn 2 points moved on to Round 3....

Mandy (not picutred) and Christy (left) advanced to Round 3,
and Joy (right) and Jessica (not pictured) volunteered
 to play the parts of the contestants' "toddlers".
In the picture above, Christy is completing the first task,
changing the baby's diaper,
while Joy, the toddler, distracts her by playing with the blinds. 
The "toddlers" followed the contestants throughout the competition
and played their parts well.


The contestants had to carry their "babies" with them
as they completed the remaining tasks, too.

After changing the baby's diaper, the contestants had to sharpen ten pencils
for their fifth graders who always lose their pencils. 

Little did they know, they were really sharpening pencils
for my fifth grader who is always losing his pencils!

Next, Mandy (right) sends a text message to her "teen"
while toddler, Jessica (left), asks her a hundred different questions...

and begs for a turn on the phone.

After Mandy helped me, her 3rd grader, with math facts,
she graded my worksheet.
Jessica had fun with the dry erase marker...

and got sent to her room for a time out.

In the end, Mandy was victorious,
and we named her our Iron Homeschool Mom. 
We rewarded her with a Calgon bath set
for being such a good sport.

Join me back here, Round about the Table, soon for a game of Balderdash and a GIVEAWAY!
I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to Elizabeth H., our support group's newsletter editor, for allowing me to use her pictures of the meeting in this post. 

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Kellie said...

Sounds like so much fun! Brilliant idea to get your son's pencils sharpened. : )