Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: Birdless Bird Watching, Morning Devotions, Cavities, Chronic Pain, & More Soap

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My husband had the day off from work again on Monday, so we decided to do a little bird watching.  I have no pictures to share because
Of course, I couldn't walk much because of my sciatica pain.  I gave up walking longs trails months ago anyway.  I am fearful that I will get about a mile into the woods and have a severe flare up and not be able to walk back or call for help and be stuck there forever, forced to survive on pine cones and acorns.

Although that might be a good diet strategy, I'm not sure it's the lifestyle for me.

So we stay close to the parking lot.  Sometimes the birds are there in force, eating crumbs left by picnickers or fishing in the water, but not Monday.  It was a nice day to be outside, though, with cool temps and bright sunshine, and we had a good time together as a family.

Tuesday was a good, normal school day.  I did make one change to our school plan.  In years past, I have always started the school day with Scripture reading and Psalm or hymn singing.  This year, Michael and I decided to have the boys read through the New Testament independently instead.  We want them to learn to be responsible for their devotion time and not always rely on one of us to do the reading for them. 

But I have really missed that time together.  So I started reading from Proverbs on Tuesday.  I couldn't quite get the balance right to do that reading and have them continue to read independently.  That's a goal for next week... to do both. 

I need a sound effects player for Wednesday.  Since I don't, imagine an ominous, descending BA-BA-BUUUH,  if you would please.

I had to go to the dentist for my first filling ever! 

I'll admit it.  I was scared. 

But they shot me full of some kind of something to numb my mouth, and I think it had a little something mixed in to relax me. 

'Cause I went from visibly shaking to blissfully relaxed in a matter of a few seconds. 

However, my mouth felt swollen and weird all day and coupled with sciatica and pain from a neuroma in my foot, and I wasn't doing so hot that afternoon.  We met our Korean friends at the playground after school, and before I could explain that I didn't feel well, my sweet friend said that I did not look well and offered to take care of the kids until 5:30 so that I could go home and rest.

Now, I have a lot of really good friends irl and I could have called on any one of them to help me that day and they would have gladly done so.  But how thankful I am for such a blessed friendship... one I entered into to serve and yet God has been pleased to provide a new friend, not just an employer, and to create a spirit of reciprocity.  I am very thankful!

On Thursday, I did school from bed.  I had reached the point that the pain was winning and I am learning that when I reach that point, it is time to find a soft surface and stretch out... for as long as I can.  I have a back-up school plan for those types of days that I think I will start another post about.  Lord willing, there might even be a series in that... Schooling with Pain, or something like that.

Friday morning I woke up feeling great!  The rest helped.  Praise the Lord! 

I took the boys to their last tennis lesson for this session (however, they're starting a new session next week).  Then we went swimming (I got in two sessions this week!).  As I type this, they are completing their independent work.  After it is complete, Wilbur will help me make more soap, and Orville is going to help Nohnie with her grocery shopping.

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Oh, and sometime this week I found out that I have received a few nominations for Best Encourager again this year in the Homeschool Blog Awards!  Thank you to those who have nominated me!! Get ready to vote.  Maybe, Lord willing, this will be my year!!!

Happy Homeschooling!


Giggly Girls said...

We're studying birds this year and, wouldn't you know, the birds keep avoiding us. LOL

Kellie said...

Really? First filling EVER? That's pretty amazing. It's so sweet how your friend offered to take care of the kids. I'm so sorry it's been a tough week for your health -- praying for relief soon!

Oh, and I think Best Encourager is the perfect award for you -- although you perfectly fit so many of the other categories too. Thanks for the reminder on the nominations!

See Jamie blog said...

Hope you have a better/less painful week coming up! And that you see more birds. :)