Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Thorn and the Flesh: Wednesday Weigh-in

I started my new blog, The Thorn and the Flesh, a few months ago to track my weight-loss and health progress.  I found it hindered my progress instead of motivating me as I had hoped.  I just can't keep up with two web addresses it seems.

So I am going to blog my progress and write updates about my condition here and make The Thorn and the Flesh an on-going topic rather than an independent blog.

I have been dabbling with dieting for a year now, experiencing a yo-yo effect.  The biggest factor that works against me is exercise.  Because of my chronic pain, it is just really hard for me to do consistently.  I will exercise for a few weeks until it finally renders me immobile.  For example, last Friday I decided to go for a walk at the track across the street from where my sons take tennis lessons.  I thought it would be an ideal time and place for me to exercise.


I walked two moderately-paced laps but started hobbling about a quarter of the way through the 2nd.  By the time I was done, I could barely move.  Sciatica was attacking with full force, and there was a burning, stabbing pain in my foot that was so bad it felt as if I had dropped something heavy on there was a broken bone.  I was in that much pain for four days...mostly bed-bound, had to cancel Saturday plans and miss Sunday worship.

This week I felt determined to find a weight-loss and exercise plan that would work for me.  Here is what I did this week with good results.

  1. I went swimming twice.  I bought a membership a local indoor, olympic-sized pool.  I have tried this before and given up because it eats up a lot of time, especially in the winter when we must dry and change before leaving.  But I have decided that it is worth the time and effort and must be given priority.  I have realized that I do not enjoy swimming laps either.  Boring.  So I use water weights and tread water while exercising my arms.  I can do this for about 30 mins without stopping and enjoy it.  Very much like water aerobics (my sad adaptation), and I can do it without intense pain.
  2. I am tracking my daily caloric intake at My Fitness Pal.  I have tried other paid membership sites which have worked for me before but after I lose about 15 pounds, I start to think I can do it on my own without having to spend $15ish each month.  That's when my weight goes back up...each and every time.  This free service has made it really easy for me to track what I eat and know that I am staying within a proper range.
  3. And really this should be listed first...I am praying on a regular basis about my health and this diet.  I have pinpointed two things that are real temptations for me and am committing them to prayer daily and as the temptation arises.  I admit my weakness and total dependence upon God in all things and ask for your prayers, too.  I will list some specific requests in a minute.
That's it.  Really.  I feel like these have been small changes, particularly the diet part.  As I began to calculate calories, I found that I wasn't doing too poorly on my own...on a normal day, that is.  When I'm not tempted to do fast food.  I have found a good solution for those days too but will have to share later because right now I want to get to the results. 

This week I lost.... (drum roll, please)

4.4 pounds

Woo HOO!!  Today, btw, is Orville's 11th birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ORVILLE!  And I got a great weight-loss present!  (He's getting an IPod...shh, don't say anything.  He'll open it tonight and I'll post pictures later, Lord willing)

Even thought that is a great start, there is a long road to travel before I reach my goal.  I ask for your prayers and will end each weigh-in with specific prayer requests.  Thank you for praying for me.  If you are struggling with weight loss or chronic pain, please feel free to leave your requests in comments, and I will pray for you, too.  Please pray that...

  1. Swimming will continue to be a form of exercise I can do without having to be bed-bound afterward.
  2. For strength of character- no excuses about swimming, even in cold months.  I will do what is necessary and work as unto the Lord.
  3. For the mortification of my flesh and my ongoing sanctification through this process.
  4. For the healing of my body and the absence of chronic pain.
  5. That God would be glorified. 
Thanks for reading and for praying.

Happy (I can't believe I'm saying this) Dieting and Exercising!


Heather said...

Go Dawn! I am so glad to hear your plan. I WILL be holding you accountable to swim. I can even do that from here!

I am blessed! said...

I'm glad you're swimming. One thing you could do to spice things up is join a local master's swim team or just find a buddy who will go with you. I know that's tough when you grab time when you can and don't always know ahead, but it can be great accountability, too. You can also purchase Swim magazine geared towards adults and try their techniques and workouts. Another good idea is running in the water with a vest. It takes gravity out of the equation so you can run without injuring yourself. This is what runners do who have severe shin splints or other injuries that prevent them from running. It's great exercise. Maybe you can get one of those new waterproof ipods. I guess I don't mind boring. That's what I love about swimming. Back and forth, lap after lap, no kids, no distractions, just me and my thoughts. It's a great time to meditate on Scripture.

Hope you rehab soon!


Kellie said...

Great job!!!

And Happy Birthday, Orville!!!

I'm trying to get back into an exercise and diet routine too. I was doing great over the summer (more with exercise than diet), but now I'm really struggling to find the time and energy. I'll be praying for you!