Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in: Week 2

First of all, thank you all for the kind comments, words of encouragement, exercise suggestions, offers of accountability and promises to pray you sent my way last week.  All of those are things I need and readily accept with a thankful heart.

Thursday I spent 45 minutes at the pool, using a modified version of Celee's suggestion.  I did my normal thing of treading water while working the styrofoam weights.  What do you call those things, anyway?  Water weights??  I don't know, but y'all probably know what I mean.  They're light as a feather outside the water, but when submerged, they create a lot of resistance and give you a good upper-body workout.  Then I used the weights as floatation devices and for resistance as I "walked" laps.  I swam two laps for good measure, too.  In all, I moved without stopping for 45 minutes.

The really good news is that I DO NOT HURT afterward.  Of course, I feel the aches that normally follow a workout, but OTC pain relievers ease that pain.  I mean that other kind of pain...the kind that makes me feel like I'm being electrocuted and stabbed simultaneously.  Praise the Lord for swimming and for the availability of a pool.

I have continued to use My Fitness Pal.  I have found searching for food really easy.  The data base contains a lot of different Kroger and Wal*Mart brand items.  It also stores any food item I enter into my daily journal once in a "favorite foods" location...easy to retrieve and very convenient.

I was scheduled to go swimming again yesterday and could not.  There was an emergency situation that needed my attention during the hours the pool was open.  I can't go into details but will say that everyone involved is okay.  For those of you keeping me accountable, I wanted you to know that I skipped it but I did 30 minutes of "walking" on my Gazelle instead. You would think with it being no-impact that it would not cause my pain condition to flare, but it has.  I can't put pressure on my right foot this a.m.  But I will continue to use that as a back-up on those days that swimming is impossible.  I have also worked in a "make-up" swimming session for tomorrow. for what you really want to know.  Drum roll please....

I lost 1.4 lbs this week! 

Which brings my total weight loss to 5.8 lbs.


I will end with my prayer requests for the week.  Thank you again for your prayers. 
  1. I need to push through the next two weeks to reach the point where tracking calories and exercising are "habits".  Pray for continued conviction and help from the Holy Spirit to do these things faithfully.
  2. That I would rule my schedule and it not rule me so that when the unexpected comes up I will faithfully do what God has called me to in that moment and joyfully workout another time.
  3. That God would "deliver me from temptation" and provide the grace needed to grow in discipline in this area of my life.
  4. That swimming would continue to be effective and not trigger chronic pain flare ups.  That I would be able to use my gazelle as a back-up and that it would not trigger a huge flare up.
  5. That God would be glorified.
Thanks and Blessings!

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Kellie said...

Yay!!! Great job! You inspired me to start working out again this week. I did it Monday and then we all got sick. : ( Maybe next week.

I'll keep you in my prayers.