Friday, December 26, 2008

HSD 2008 Year in Review

As 2008 draws to a close, so does my year in blogging. I will not have time between now and the first of the year to post again since we will be visiting family next week. Once back home, I have much to prepare for the second half of the school year.

Below is a list of the "Best of HSD." These are the posts that received the most comments or have special meaning to me. For my loyal readers, I hope you enjoy a look back. If you are new here, please enjoy this sampling of what HSD is all about.

  • June: My blogging adventure began by taking a look at how our children need for us to permit them opportunities for Learning from Mistakes. A firestorm of unfortunate events caused me to ponder the validity of Murphy's Law.

  • July: As we began the first session of our year-round school, we encountered a Providential Visitor. Michael and I enjoyed a trip to Memphis where we attended a retirement dinner for the man who was our college's BSU director. This dinner doubled as a great BSU Reunion.

  • September: I reminisced in Skidooing, sharing a lesson I learned as a young mother from LinkBlue's Clues. I posted video of BT's crowd-pleasing performance as Patrick Henry.

  • October: I began my Wisdom Wednesday segment with my Christian testimony in Why Homeschool Dawn? I shared the most important lesson I learned as an inner-city teacher in Harvest Time.

  • November: I shared how I learned to rest in God's sovereignty during a period of infertility and miscarriages in The Strong Tower. In Consolation Prize?, I contemplated the value of heavenly treasure. I lost the bid for Best New Homeschool Blog in the Homeschool Blog Awards but received rave reviews for My Concession.

I have a few plans for my return to blogging in January.

  • A New Name: I will reveal a new name for my blog which represents my vision for homeschooling.

  • A Series on Socialization: Every homeschooler has been challenged by this argument. As a homeschooler with ties to the public schools, I frequently find myself in the position of having to defend my world view. I will begin a series on this topic in January.

  • Shocking News from Subway: This will be the next installment in my Christian testimony series.

  • House Updates: Our remodeling adventure begins. Stay tunded for updates on the progress.

Have a blessed and Happy New Year. I look forward to rejoining you all here in the blogosphere soon.

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